Gable End Screen

This picturesque property graced with a gable end screen presented a unique challenge and an opportunity for transformation. The initial challenge was the gable end screen, which had succumbed to rot over the years. Replacing it aesthetically like for like was essential to maintain the property’s architectural integrity. However, the room’s extreme temperature fluctuations posed an equally significant challenge. During the summer, the room became unbearably hot, while in the winter months, it turned into a chilly space.

Designed to faithfully replicate the appearance of the original gable end screen, preserving the property’s charm, these fabulous windows allowed for superior temperature control, mitigating the extremes of the seasons and creating a comfortable, year-round living space. And the expansive glass panels offered breathtaking views of the outdoors, inviting the natural beauty inside.


Style: French Doors

Timber: Made from high-performance, high quality Accoya®

Glass: Clear toughened, K glass

Paint:  Colour matched to Farrow & Ball’s No. 18 French Gray externally and No. 2002 White Tie internally, using Teknos paint

Furniture: Polished brass finish

Security: Winkhaus multi-point locking system

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