Wood is a natural material. It grows and changes throughout its life. Despite extensive drying and seasoning, all wood will inevitably be affected by its environment. From the heat and moisture of a kitchen to sun and rain on an external door, it is constantly being tested by the elements. Therefore, timber selection is the most fundamentally important decision to be made.

We at Richard James Joinery recommend Accoya for all joinery applications. Modified by a patented procedure called Acetylation, Accoya is scientifically modified to minimise movement and prevent rot, making it the most stable and durable natural material available.

Not only is it the most reliable timber available, it is also extremely sustainable. Grown quickly and abundantly, Accoya use FSC certified species to create their incredible product. Accoya also leaves a far smaller carbon footprint than PVC and aluminium, which means that our customers receive a naturally beautiful product that is built for purpose, made to last and environmentally friendly.

Everyone here at Richard James understands the need to create a product that is both made to the highest standard and built to stand the test of time. Using materials such as Accoya go a long way towards this, but it is proper care and upkeep that will allow the product to remain naturally beautiful and effortlessly functional for years to come.

We use only the finest materials to create our products, thereby doing everything we can to ensure their best start in life. That said, all wood – even Accoya – requires maintenance and benefits from protection. For example, although we use Teknos microporous spray finishes – which are guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to ten years – if it is somehow chipped, water and other natural elements are allowed in to affect the material. If the chip is spotted and touched up, the ingress stops and the maintenance cycle restarts, but if not, the protection is compromised. We recommend all our customers check for damage regularly, and act on any immediately. The more care given, the better the results.

We offer a free two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and when this elapses it is in the hands of the recipient to protect the product and ensure it achieves its maximum service life. In addition to our warranty, we offer free advice to all our customers for the entire lifespan of the product.


We at Richard James use Teknos microporous spray finishes as standard on all our products. Water based and utilising a resin system over three coats, when Teknos paint dries it produces a flexible, breathable and protective coating. The flexibility allows timber to move naturally beneath, and therefore minimises the chance of cracking. Teknos suggests that their microporous finishes can last up to 10 years depending on environment and exposure. For example, a south-west facing external door will have to endure a vast amount more than a sheltered north-facing door. Due care and attention ensures that either would fulfil its potential lifespan. Something as simple as running a clean, damp cloth over each surface once every few months will remove dirt, insects and salt, ridding the finish of the contaminants that are trying to do it harm. A full care and maintenance guide will be provided upon receipt of the product.


Quality hardware looks good, feels good, is long lasting and easy to care for. That’s why we at Richard James use solid British made hardware from the likes of Croft and Jim Lawrence. All hardware should be properly maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions in order to prolong their smooth operation. Stainless steel and solid brass are great choices for reliable, durable fixings, and either are perfect for pairing with Accoya due to the Acetylation process. We strongly advise the use of our recommended (or other high-quality) hardware, as using sub-standard fixings will undermine the quality of the product as a whole. Using high quality hardware alongside Accoya timber and Teknos finishes creates and easy to care for, long lasting piece of custom made joinery that has been produced to the highest standard to bespoke specification, with the intention of being enjoyed for many years to come with minimal effort.


As is the nature of bespoke manufacturing, our clients have the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of production. We will gladly adhere to any preferences our clients have, and we will always do our utmost to produce in reality what someone has pictured in their mind. In order to do so, we require as much information as possible. We recommend visiting our workshop with any drawings, examples and ideas, so that we may talk though everything before manufacturing begins. All aspects are carefully considered before we commence production, and it may not be possible to alter specifications once the process has begun.


Transportation and installation of the vast majority of our products is carried out by our team at Richard James. If you would prefer to collect your item, we will require a full inspection of the product to take place before releasing it to ensure that our there is no damage as of its collection. Transportation of sliding sash and spiral balance windows should be carried out vertically to prevent the operating mechanism from becoming detached. Ensure all fixings are closed and locked off, with the key removed. Never rest any product on its corner, as it will put undue strain on the joints and finish. Please contact Richard James Joinery for any further advice.


Please be aware that if your brand new, high quality, bespoke product is being installed alongside other building works, the joinery should be fitted lastly, in order to prevent damage. Not only can damage occur simply by having multiple people working around an item, but wet trades such as tiling and plastering can cause the microporous paint to blister, as the environment is extremely damp. In circumstances where installation cannot wait, every measure should be taken to ensure excellent ventilation and dehumidification. As always, we will be happy to advise on any circumstances or answer any questions. Please contact Richard James Joinery on 01434 394150 any time.