Portfolio : Wall

This job was a classic example of a customer with a great eye for design.

Originally, the porch of this home had the full width fitted with an old wooden door and single glazed panel to the side, with no clear visibility to the cottage garden it looked onto. The customer decided to have a new door constructed with two raised and fielded panels to the bottom, and 9 glazed lights to the top which perfectly suits the character of this home.

The once full width porch opening has now been built up on either side of the door with Northumbrian stone, which complements the Farrow and ball “Blue gray” door and “Magnolia” frame, that adds a delicate transition into the colour of stone surround.

Internally the door was painted with Teknos “Original white” to match the light and airy internal decor.

Nico “3D” hinges were fitted to this door to provide the option to be able to adjust the position of the door in the event of dimensional movement with seasonal weather changes. Due to the position of the door being sheltered from direct rain and sunlight, hardwood was selected for the material. Although Accoya is highly recommended for the vast majority of external joinery, a sheltered porch like this lends its self to a more cost effective hardwood alternative.