Portfolio : Northside Farm

Northside Farm was a great project for our team. This once derelict farm building has now been transformed into one of the Tyne Valleys newest wedding venues after undergoing a large scale refurbishment.

We had the job of manufacturing and fitting replacement doors and windows for all areas of the building, both inside and out. The timber choice on this project was Accoya due to location of the venue being exposed to the elements and also the amount of usage that would occur over its lifetime. Accoya is a fantastic choice for all external joinery work due to is natural resistance to water ingress, resulting in minimal dimensional movement of the timber and product.

Solid black iron hardware has been fitted to all of the products to add a rustic and industrial aspect and as with the majority of our projects, low-e glass has been fitted as standard to reflect heat back into the building, providing a more economical business to run.

The variation of styles, sizes and profiles were vast. Ranging from arch top courtyard doors, two 3.3 meter tall and wide showpiece french doors with direct glazed panes to both above and sides. One of these doors is located in the main area where weddings are held and gives far reaching views down the Tyne Valley.

In the main entrance to the barn we made three sets of floor to ceiling windows, with french doors located in the centre unit. These three items now span the width of the entrance providing unlimited views and light into the venue.

At the end of the project we manufactured and fitted a total number of twenty three products, which along with the rest of the refurbishment, have brought this stunning building back to life with modern luxuries, while still capturing the original feel.