Portfolio : Durham city centre

Not only our biggest challenge to date, but also our biggest window manufactured… (so far!). Standing at five meters tall and two and half meters wide, this sliding sash window really tested our team, not so much with the manufacturing process but with the transportation, fitting and winter elements during the whole process. Driving to Durham on the country roads, with a freshly painted, ginormous window on the back of a flat bed lorry is most definitely a nail biting experience!

This project was very interesting due to the fact that one side of the window is for a derelict listed building that is under construction to become luxury accommodation, and the other half is a residential home. In order to accommodate both sides a wide mullion was formed in order for the current party wall to be built up to it between the two properties.

Due to the size of the window we had to glaze it on site with toughened and low-e glass panes that only just fit in the back of the van! The build is now underway, and we can’t wait to see its progress when we are fitting an additional window next door at the residential property.