Hardware not only impacts on the visual aspect of a product, but is just as important through the course of the products lifespan and operation. Two hardware suppliers that we use are Carlisle brass and From the Anvil. They provide us with a vast selection of high spec hardware to meet our customers design requirements. Please browse the two suppliers websites to understand the range of choices and styles on offer:



The area of hardware that particularly excites us (yes we are sad!) is hinges. We use hinges from a manufacturer called Nico hinges who make “3D” adjustable hinge in which can be adjusted in all directions once the product is fitted. The beauty of this flexibility is that if the product were to be effected with seasonal change i.e dimensional movement, it may start to stick when operated. The hinge can be adjusted either in height, to the side or in depth to help prevent the need to plane and therefore damage the protective finish of the product.

Please take a look this review video from an online locksmith:

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